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Educational facilities reflect a community’s investment in education. Communities want an inviting, safe place for their families, and they want a facility that provides the opportunity to compete with today’s scholars and athletes. Why not opt for value, safety and longevity?

Concrete Services of NWA believes that young people are the future of this country. As one of Arkansas’ premier educational facility contractors, we have earned a reputation for delivering completed structures ahead of time while providing structural quality and sustainability in design. Concrete is environmentally friendly in all stages from production to finish which makes it the smart choice for Green construction. Energy savings, reduced noise, fire/wind resistance, pest proof, low maintenance, and healthier environments are just some of the benefits that concrete construction provides. Taxpayers tend to support projects that are economically sound and that provide lasting benefits.

Student housing, FEMA shelters, auditoriums, gyms, and classrooms are a few examples of the many types of concrete structures that can benefit from cost-effective tilt wall construction. Tilt walls are created on site which enables creativity in design that is functional, durable, and efficient to operate and economical to build. One of the major advantages is the speed of construction which saves time and money, while not sacrificing excellence. Concrete Services of Northwest Arkansas is not only an industry leader in tilt wall construction but also in post-tensioning reinforcement.

Post-tensioned concrete is the new standard for tennis court construction and the rebuilding of existing courts. The Post-Tensioning Reinforcement expert of Northwest Arkansas, Concrete Services, constructed the tennis courts at Harbor High and Fayetteville High schools.

Our team of professionals understands that the concrete for your project is the foundation for everything that comes after. Our commitment to you is… Expertise, Value, and Experience.

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