How Can I Get Free Condoms Sent To My House?

How Can I Get Free Condoms Sent To My House
Safeguard Your Home. Receive condoms via mail for free and in confidence. Order online. When worn appropriately, condoms prevent sexually transmitted illnesses and pregnancy. Positive Impact Health Centers will send you free condoms via mail. Remember that your information will remain private.

How can I obtain additional free condoms?

Numerous state and municipal health authorities provide free condoms at their offices or through adjacent dispensers. Also accessible at family planning clinics such as Planned Parenthood. The health center of virtually every college or institution will provide free condoms, lubrication, and other safer sex supplies.

I am a teenager and I was offered a condom at pride; it was simple and quick to acquire one. I am sexually active, but I cannot purchase condoms or visit a clinic to receive them without my parents or family discovering it. Does Planned Parenthood maintain a mailing list for the delivery of condoms? Your local Planned Parenthood health clinic may be able to ship condoms to you.

You may contact them by phone to find out. If they do not sell condoms, you may always get them from other internet sellers. Try entering “internet condom purchase” into a search engine. When the search results appear, purchase the condoms from a reputable internet retailer and read the product description carefully to avoid purchasing a novelty condom (one that does not protect against STDs or pregnancy).

When they come, you should inspect them for holes or rips and verify the expiration date. If the condoms are undamaged and the expiration date is still in the future, you can use them. Emily working at Planned Parenthood Keywords: condoms

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Can free condoms be mailed to you?

Condoms by Mail – If you are 16 or older and reside in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, or Southampton, you are eligible to get condoms by mail. Free condoms may be delivered directly to your door via your Personal Health Record. This service is private and discreet, and condoms are shipped in a plain envelope with a postmark within 10 business days of receiving your purchase.

When purchasing condoms, you should not be asked for identification or questioned about your age. A cashier is not permitted by law to refuse to sell you condoms if you do not present identification. If the clerk asks your age, you are not required to respond.

Do spouses utilize condoms?

Approximately 4% of married couples admit to using condoms for pregnancy control after marriage. Which begs the question: if you are no longer in high school, why are you employing a high school method of protection?

Qualifications & Requirements for Community Partners – In order to qualify as a community partner, an organization must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Donate condoms to their customers/clients and the wider public.
  2. Permit the use of condoms without strong restrictions or impediments. In other words, it is impossible to limit the number of condoms a person uses.
  3. Make male and female condoms available and easily accessible, as well as marketing materials that are highly visible and accessible.
  4. Be willing to provide or accept STD/HIV/AIDS education and referrals for their customers/clients (and to the general public, if possible).
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Want to register as a condom distribution location? Dial (386) 274-0634 for further information. These are some of our community partners:

  • Network for Community Care Outreach
  • The corporation Stewart-Marchman-ACT Behavioral Healthcare.

Does Dollar General provide condoms for sale?

12 count of LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubed Condoms.