How Much Did It Cost To Build The Great Wall Of China?

How Much Did It Cost To Build The Great Wall Of China
How do you determine the cost of the Great Wall of China? – In accordance with the practices of contemporary cost engineers, we should include the following components in an approximation of the Great Wall’s price: Total Cost = Labor Fees + Material Costs + Living Costs + Freight Fees + Management Fees + Design Fees The Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) is the most construction-intensive period in human history.

Construction Materials of One-meter Great Wall Unit Price (CNY) Total Cost (CNY)
6,000 bricks 4 CNY 24,000
7 cubic meters lime mortar 400 CNY 2,800
Foundation + earth inside foundation + other materials (water + machinery + management) / CNY 2,000
Labor: 30 people, 5 days 200 30 people ×CNY200 × 5 days = CNY 30,000
Total / CNY 58,800 ≈ CNY 60,000 (USD 9,000 )

The length of the Ming Great Wall is 8,851.8 kilometers or 8,851,800 meters in total. The cost of the wall was CNY 60,000 x 8,851,800 meters, or CNY 531.1 billion. Every 300 to 500 meters, a watchtower or beacon tower may be found. Assuming two towers per 1,000 meters, there are up to 17,704 towers along the Great Wall.

How much would the Great Wall cost to build today?

– The Great Wall of China Currently, a scaled model of the Great Wall is located in Nanchang, China. With anticipated construction costs of around $600,000 for 2.5 miles of wall, we may calculate that a full-scale wall takes approximately $303,000 per mile to build.

We multiplied the figures by the length of the Great Wall, which is over 13,170 miles, to arrive at $21 billion in building expenses. Labor expenses in China account for almost half of the overall cost; a construction estimate of $21 billion would imply labor costs of around $21 billion, for a total construction cost of $42 billion.

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Ancient structures are excellent examples of engineering achievements, as they have withstood the test of time and gained respect for their enormous size. Although contemporary technology might have sped up the building of these landmarks and reduced the labor required, they are just as difficult and expensive to create now as they were in antiquity.

Stephen Robert Loken was the first person to walk to the eastern end of the Great Wall of China. He finished the journey in 2011 after 601 days. – Last updated on 19 September 2021 –

How long would a walk around the Great Wall take?

The Great Wall of China, which spans over 5,000 miles and stretches in a breathtaking manner, need no introduction. It would take around eighteen months to walk its whole length.