How Much Do Home Stagers Make?

How Much Do Home Stagers Make
What is the typical salary of a house stager? (Deconstructing the Numbers) – The average compensation for house stagers is $49,616, with some making as much as $80,500 yearly, According to RESA’s 2021 State of the Industry Report, the majority of lead stagers earn above $20 per hour, while the majority of staging helpers earn $10 to $25 per hour.

According to the same survey, the typical hourly wage for a staging warehouse manager is likely between $15 and $30. It is crucial to remember, however, that these figures do not include the wages of business owners, only those of staging firm employees. The true source of riches is the ownership and operation of a home staging company.

Many of these businesses make over a million dollars in annual revenue and maintain a profit margin between 20 and 30 percent. I’ll let you figure that out! As you can see, it may provide a substantial revenue. The average fee for an initial staging consultation is between $150 and $600.

Consider that you charged $250 for a two-hour staging consultation and were able to arrange four of them every week. That amounts to $1000 every week. You aim to work 50 weeks in a year so that you may take a few weeks off. $50,000 yearly is a respectable sum. Consider if you additionally completed one $1000 staging project every week.

That may put you in the six-figure area. Home staging is not a strategy to become wealthy quickly. It is a career path for professionals. It will take an investment of time and resources, as with any small business. It is definitely not going to happen overnight – but it may be highly rewarding.

How much do Ontario home stagers earn?

As of Oct 3, 2022, the average yearly salary for positions categorized as Real Estate Staging in Ontario is $74,690. In the event that you want a basic pay calculator, this equates to around $35.91 per hour.

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Home stagers make on average $51,000 per year.

Location Role Title Income
Los Angeles, CA Senior Home Stager $20 – $25 an hour
Los Angeles, CA Sales Representative $38,045 – $156,730 a year*
Norfolk, MA Home Stylist $20 – $30 an hour
San Francisco, CA Warehouse Organizer / Driver $18 – $24 an hour

How much do UK-based home stagers earn?

Costs for Home Staging vary dependent on geographic area, the individual’s expertise, professional qualifications, and evidence-based suggestions, such as a portfolio of work and client testimonials. As with any product, you pay for quality. House Wow exclusively recommends professional business services that have been thoroughly vetted and can provide proof of quality service and advice to our customers.

Potential fees for a 2-3 hour Home Staging Consultation first consultation and simple report with recommendations and a quote vary from £120.00 to £295.00. This will vary based on the size of the home and the distance our expert Home Staging Consultant must travel to reach you. We have home staging consultants who are experts in general de-cluttering and styling, installation of show houses to new and renovated property, and others who are experts in property renovations, decorating, and re-styling with the majority of existing furniture and accessories, etc.

You would pay extra for a home stager who obtains suggested trades estimates for decorating, repairs, or gardening and who manages the trades on a comprehensive level. We may provide a variety of services adapted to your needs in order to stage your house for sale, for your own occupancy, or for rental purposes.

  1. House Wow® authorized Associates and verified businesses offer styling services to home owners directly, as well as to estate agents, developers, house builders, landlords, investors, HMO SA, and vacation home owners.
  2. The hourly rates for home staging services range from £20 to £75 dependent on the individual’s expertise, professional certifications, and evidence-based recommendations, such as a portfolio of work and client testimonials.
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Prices for skilled crafts vary based on geographic location, level of experience, portfolio of customer referrals, and professional certifications. Daily Trades Rates range from £100 to £250. Costs vary based on the nature of the project, the services provided such as hands-on styling, project management of trades, and additional services such as decorating, gardening, repairs, and home improvements, as well as the number of hours worked per week, which can be flexible, part-time, or full-time.

  • HouseWow’s prices are not the cheapest, but we promise that you will receive the greatest professional service for the costs you pay in your area.
  • There is a potential that if you accept a free consultation from someone else, they may be eager to urge you to use their paid services in order to recuperate the 2 to 4 hours, including travel time, that your appointment has consumed.

With HouseWow Consultants, however, you pay depending on our time for the Consultation and follow-up report. You will receive comprehensive recommendations and assistance without need to purchase additional services. Initial Home Staging Consultation Report with Quote (£120.00 – £195.00).

  • If you are certain that you want us to assist you with hands-on home staging after the initial consultation, we will offer a Home Staging Advice Report with a complete Quotation for our time and estimates, as well as a pending quotation for any further trades services necessary.
  • The Comprehensive DIY Home Staging Report with Action Plan and Timeline.

(from £150.00 – £395.00) If you prefer to conduct all of the home staging yourself, you will have the option of receiving a Do-It-Yourself Action plan report with COMPLETE information and estimates or quotes. The Full Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Report is billed at the hourly rate of our Home Stagers and is based on the findings of the original Home Staging Consultation Survey.

  • If your property is huge and requires several home renovations, the report will cost extra.
  • If the property is smaller and requires less work, the report will be less expensive.
  • After the Initial Home Staging Consultation, we will offer you with a complete estimate of the cost of the Home Staging Do-It-Yourself report.
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The Virtual Home Staging Report based on the photographs you provide to us. (from £150.00 – £395.00) If you want us to produce a virtual report without visiting your property, you can do so if you provide us sufficient photographs of the property.3 – 4 photographs for each room, images of the outside, inside and a full property address so that we may study similar local property for sale and the local property market.

  • HouseWow is a registered trademark and nationally recognized service that offers a variety of Home Staging, Property Styling, and Home renovation services to private persons in addition to Estate Agents, Developers, Landlords, and Property investors.
  • The HouseWow website is an industry leader, and you can be certain that our services and training meet or exceed industry standards.

The Independent newspaper, Sky TV’s Women in Property, ‘House Beautiful’ Magazine, ‘The Women’s Institute’ Annual, ‘Move or Improve’ Magazine, and BBC’s ‘Open House’ show, amongst others, have covered HouseWow and its creator Anita Richardson. HouseWow! provides Show houses, Property Styling to Sell, home remodeling, and Property Styling for Living, among other services.

  1. This entails collaborating closely with house sellers on property presentation, colors, layout, style, and accessories that meet their requirements.
  2. There is more information about house staging and home renovation services at the website provided.
  3. HomeAwesome Services Business Course for Home Staging Professionals C.H.S.S.P.

Certified Home Staging and Styling Course: