How Much Does A High School Cost To Build?

How Much Does A High School Cost To Build
High School Square Foot Price Assuming R/Conc. Frame and Decorative Concrete Block

Cost Estimate (Union Labor) % of Total Cost
Total $15,396,000
Contractor Fees (GC,Overhead,Profit) 25% $3,849,000
Architectural Fees 7% $1,347,200
Total Building Cost $20,592,200

In America, how much does it cost to construct a private school?

How much does starting a private school cost? Below is the text version of this video. Education is the most crucial and fundamental need of each youngster in the modern society. Therefore, establishing a private school is a substantial undertaking, but it is considered to be highly rewarding.

Five of America’s most expensive high schools Discover the five most costly high schools in the nation, their costs, and the actual services they provide pupils. These institutions have been called “Taj Majal” high schools. Community schools run by Robert F. Ben Austin, executive director of Parent Revolution and member of the California Board of Education, said to the Huffington Post, “New facilities are lovely, but when they’re operated by the same individuals who’ve given us a 50% dropout rate, they’re a massive waste of public money.” Since it has been demonstrated that pupils learn better in more comfortable settings, some educators contend that the structures actually have a function.

Learning Center for Edward R. Roybal Another Los Angeles school with a significant price tag is the, which was constructed in 2009 in downtown Los Angeles for $377 million. The project took 23 years to complete because building had to be paused twice: once in 1999 following the discovery of subsurface methane gas and again in 2002 after the discovery of a seismic fault line.

In 2003, a new architect took over the project and redesigned it to provide a healthy learning environment that will benefit children for decades to come. According to, the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center is situated on a 25-acre site and features a triple gymnasium and a dance studio with a cushioned floor.

  1. The school provides around 73,000 square feet of classroom space, 418 underground parking spots, and a 100-acre community park for its roughly 2,500 pupils.
  2. Central No.9 High School for the Visual and Performing Arts This list concludes with the Central No.9 Visual and Performing Arts High School, which cost $232 million to construct.
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This school offers students the opportunity to pursue performing arts, crafts, photography, and filmmaking in an environment that nurtures creativity. The structure, located between the Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art, reportedly took nine years to finish.

The school is awe-inspiring from the inside out. The façade of the building is adorned with a massive steel spiral sculpture, while the interior is packed with spacious classrooms and studios. The school features a performing arts facility with 950 seats, a parking structure with 300 spaces, and an outdoor atrium showcasing Japanese raku ceramics.

The school Newton North High School Not all costly schools are located on the west coast., located in Newtonville, Massachusetts, cost $197.5 million when it debuted in the autumn of 2010. The school received the 2011 Award for Design Excellence from the Boston Society of Architects, according to.

  1. One of the judges told, “We felt the new plan for the site, which integrates the school’s entrance with the sports field, was excellent.” The school has cutting-edge sporting facilities, including a swimming pool and climbing wall.
  2. Additionally, a television studio is housed on the site, which spans 413,000 square feet and houses 1,865 students.

New Jersey High School The last school on the list is located in New Jersey, likewise on the East Coast. The institution, which cost $185 million, has 400,000 square feet and accommodates 1,300 pupils. The school has athletic fields with cutting-edge lighting, solar panels on the roof, and Smart Boards instead of traditional blackboards.

How much does it cost to operate a university?

How much does providing a public college education truly cost? Public four-year universities in the United States spend around $14,000 annually per undergraduate student, whereas two-year institutions spend only $9,000.

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Harvard Business School, Harvard Innovation Labs, and other athletics facilities, including Harvard Stadium, are located on a 358-acre (145 hectare) complex in Allston, a Boston suburb just over the Charles River from the Cambridge campus. A pedestrian bridge across the Charles River, the John W.

  • Weeks Bridge, connects the two campuses.
  • The university is growing aggressively in Allston, where it currently controls more land than in Cambridge.
  • New construction and renovations are planned for the Harvard Business School, a hotel and conference center, graduate student housing, Harvard Stadium, and other sporting facilities.

In 2021, the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will move into a new, larger Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) in Allston. The SEC will be next to the Enterprise Research Campus, the Business School, and the Harvard Innovation Labs to foster technology- and life science-focused startup partnerships, as well as those with established businesses.