How Much To Build A Brick Mailbox?

How Much To Build A Brick Mailbox
When properly constructed to complement the architecture of your home, brick mailboxes cost between $480 and $1,675, with a median price of $925. A brick mailbox may be constructed with less than $150 worth of materials and equipment.

What is the cost of replacing a brick mailbox?

What are the additional fees? Planters for a brick mailbox are optional and cost between $40 and $150 apiece. The price of fancier bricks may increase, particularly if they are custom-ordered. Stone mailbox numbers may cost between $10 and $30 per number.

  1. Each unique keystone might cost between $40 and $150.
  2. Adding lighting near the mailbox might cost an additional $100 to $300 or more.
  3. An upgrade to a larger-than-average mailbox might cost between $40 and $80.
  4. Eep in mind that if difficulties or repairs emerge in the future, they might be rather expensive compared to a standard mailbox.

If you have an existing brick mailbox that must be removed, the disposal of the bricks may incur additional costs.

Are brick mailboxes a suitable option for your residence?

There are several popular styles, ranging from modest elegance to grand and extravagant designs. Brick mailboxes are an excellent alternative to ordinary wooden posts or other types of mailboxes, as well as enhancing the curb appeal of your house. Learn more about the normal replacement prices for mailboxes and mail.

How does one construct a mailbox step by step?

Downloading the Article – Research local mailbox regulations.

  • Investigate the local construction codes for any applicable requirements.
  • Contact your local post office to check that the mailbox you intend to install meets their specifications.
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Remove the previous mailbox.

  • Remove the base of the mailbox by excavating it.
  • If the mailbox’s base is made of concrete, remove it.

Advertisement 3 Create a hole in the earth.

  • Dig a hole 8 inches (20.32 cm) deep.
  • The hole should be somewhat larger than the mailbox you intend to construct.

Four Pour cement into the hole.

  • Utilize a trowel to level the concrete.
  • To guarantee that the concrete is level, use a level.
  • Ensure that the concrete is leveled within 45 minutes. The concrete will become unworkable after 45 minutes.
  • Permit the concrete to rest for seven days.
  • This will serve as the base of the mailbox.

5 Mark the location where the foundation will be built.

  • Employ a trowel.
  • Outline a space for the placement of two 8x8x16 inch (20.32×20.32×40.64 cm) cinder blocks.
  • 6 Apply mortar to the area where the cinder blocks will be placed.
  • 7 Position two cinder blocks next to one another and force them into place.
  • 8 Apply mortar to the first set of cinder blocks’ summit.
  • 9 Place two additional cinder bricks onto the first set.
  • These should be positioned perpendicular to the initial set.
  • Press them into position.
  • 10 Spread mortar on the foundation.
  • Place bricks.
  • Incorporate the initial brick into the mortar.
  • For the remaining bricks, apply mortar to one end of each brick using a jointing tool and press it against the last brick placed.
  • Continue until a complete layer of bricks surrounds the cider blocks.
  • Ensure that the bricks are level with a level.
  • Make any required modifications.
  • Repeat this process until the cider blocks are fully encased by bricks. In order to stagger the joints, each brick must be displaced from the one underneath it.
  • 12 Apply mortar to the structure’s surface.
  • 13 Apply the new mailbox to the mortar and push it into place.
  • Lay additional bricks.
  • Using mortar between each brick and on the structure’s top, arrange bricks vertically on the mailbox’s back and sides.
  • Apply mortar to the top of the mailbox, then place bricks across it horizontally using mortar between each brick. If you want the height of the mailbox to be greater, you may create numerous levels.
  • Ensure that the mailbox’s back, sides, and top are completely covered with bricks.
  • Other than the mailbox itself, fill any voids with masonry.
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15 Install a mailbox capstone (optional).

  • This is available at home improvement stores.
  • Apply mortar to the top row of the mailbox’s bricks.
  • Apply and push the capstone into the mortar.

Remove any mortar fragments from the mailbox.

  • Wait many hours once the mailbox has been constructed.
  • Use a stiff brush to remove excess mortar from the joints.

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It costs between $30 and $80 to upgrade to a bigger brick mailbox, while installing a lock costs $150. The addition of an extra-large metal mailbox vault costs between $350 and $1,000 and protects mail from weather and theft for up to 15 days.