How Much To Build A Deck Around A Pool?

How Much To Build A Deck Around A Pool
How Much Does it Cost to Construct an Above-Ground Pool Deck? The cost of creating an above-ground pool deck depends on a variety of factors, including the materials chosen, the size and design of the deck, any extra buildings required by local building rules, and the cost of labor if you use a contractor.

The typical cost to construct an above-ground pool deck ranges from $4,700 to $7,800. In certain situations, a modest above-ground pool deck might cost up to $2,000. Nevertheless, certain decks might be substantially more expensive, depending on their size and level of complexity. Costs vary based on geographic location, time of year, and whether you purchase supplies on your own or employ a professional who will provide materials and labor.

Check out our deck cost calculator page to get a better sense of how much the above-ground pool deck of your dreams may cost, and explore your possibilities.

How much does an aluminum pool deck cost to construct?

What is the cost of a pool deck? – Pool deck installation costs approximately $20 per square foot, or $10,000 for a 500-square-foot deck. Depending on the deck material used and the addition of deck railings, the cost per square foot will range from $12 to $35. Because they are raised and require steps and railings, above-ground pool decks cost 25% to 40% more than those for in-ground pools. How Much To Build A Deck Around A Pool

Can a deck be constructed around an above-ground pool?

What sort of material do you recommend? – Questions to ask a contractor. Why? Will you utilize a suitable concealed fastening system? What colors and designs are available? Can the decking withstand water immersion? What is included in the pool deck kit for an above-ground pool? How long will the decking and railing retain their texture? How does the decking kit work?