How Much To Build A House Alabama?

How Much To Build A House Alabama
Cost to Construct a House by State

State Amount
Alabama $267,620
Idaho $315,520
Hawaii $412,840
Georgia $273,860

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Is it less expensive to construct a home in Alabama?

List of Alabama’s 15 Metropolitan Areas/Cities – Percentage Deviation of City/Town Building Cost from the National Average ($X), in Descending Order: – In Alabama, there are 460 municipalities organized into 15 metropolitan regions, and the building cost per square foot in each metro city differs by a specific percentage from the state and national average based on geography.

  • The construction prices shown here are based on the local construction index, which includes the cost of labor and materials.
  • They exclude the cost of land, loose furniture, and variations in geography and ground conditions.
  • Normal ground conditions are assumed.
  • The following calculations illustrate the percentage variance of each metropolitan area’s building costs from the national average.

If $X is the Average National Building Cost in the United States, then it will cost the following to construct a single-family home in each metro area: Alabama -4% (4% less than X) 5% Bellamy (5% greater than X) Birmingham 2% (2% in excess of X) X = Sheffield 0% -1% in Huntsville (1% less than X) -2% for mobile (2% less than X) -2% for Montgomery (2% less than X) -4% Auburn (4% fewer than X) Scottsboro -4% (X -4% less) -4% Tuscaloosa (4% less than X) Selma -50% (X -50% less) -7% for Dothan (7% less than X) -8% Anniston (8% less than X) -8% Jasper (-8% less than X) -9% Gadsden (-9% less than X) Evergreen -10% (X minus 10%) Deviation of City Town Building Costs Per Square Foot from the National Average in Alabama, United States, in Descending Order According to the above City Cost List and Bar Graphs, Bellamy is the most costly city to establish in Alabama, costing 5% more than the National Average Cost.

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Birmingham is the second most costly city in Alabama for residential construction, at 2% over the national average. A construction project in Sheffield will require the same amount of time and money as the national average. If anything below the national average is considered inexpensive, then there are 12 cities in Alabama with relatively modest building prices.

Evergreen is the cheapest city in the state to develop in, at 10% below the national average, followed by Gadsden at 9% below the national average. The building prices in Anniston and Jasper will be reduced by 8%. The cost of your construction project will be 5 percent less in Selma.

  1. You will save four percent on building prices in Auburn, Scottsboro, and Tuscaloosa.
  2. Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery are cheaper than the national average by 1% and 2%, respectively, bringing them closer to the national average.
  3. Alabama’s overall construction costs are 4% less than the national average.

The construction rates of Auburn, Scottsboro, and Tuscaloosa are comparable to the Alabama average. How Much To Build A House Alabama

What factors impact the cost of home construction in Alabama?

Equation of Trendline – Floor Area vs. Building Cost Per Square Foot – We can derive the equation of a trendline for the six categories of residential properties previously identified. The trendline equation only applies to class 3 properties and cannot be used to compute the square footage cost of another type of property.

Each property’s equations are polynomial equations of the fifth order and are also stated as gradient/slope equations. Polynomial Trendline Equations for Six Varieties of Highest Quality Dwellings: Best Standard Single-Family Homes Trendline Equation: y = 0.0003x 4 – 0.0227x 3 + 0.5892x 2 – 8.9431x + 205.09 Best Standard Multi-Family Homes (Apartments with Two or Three Units) Trendline Equation: y = -0.0001x 5 + 0.0065x 4 – 0.1504x 3 + 1.6926x 2 – 11.502x + 205.73 Best Standard Manufactured Housing Trendline Equation: y = 0.0006x 2 – 1.4054x + 114.57 (Polynomial order 2) Best Standard Motels with less than 9 Units Trendline Equation y = 0.0001x 5 + 0.0018x 4 – 0.1218x 3 + 1.4x 2 – 9.816x + 186.76 Best Standard Four-Corner Conventional Recreational Dwellings Trendline Equation: y = -0.0001x 5 + 0.0088x 4 – 0.2783x 3 + 4.3211x 2 – 36.465x + 302.94 Trendline Equation for the Best Standard Four-Corner A-Frame Cabins: y = -0.0001x 5 + 0.0096x 4 – 0.2704x 3 + 3.78x 2 – 29.738x + 247.57 Trendline Gradient/Slope Equations for the Six Best Standard Dwellings: y = -2.4098x + 184.83 y = -1.9582x + 186.76 y = -1.3976x + 114.55 y = -4.0261x + 179.93 y = -5.1346x + 233.71 y = -4.2343x + 193.01 Based on the formulae, Y represents the building cost per square foot and X represents the property’s gross floor space (GFA).

To get the square footage cost (Y) of a specific home, replace X with the gross floor area. PDF Document Downloads References and Useful Resources: Building Costs in the United States

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How much does home construction excavation cost?

When it comes finally time to break ground on your new house, excavation is the initial cost. It may cost between $1,400 and $3,200 and prepares the land for a solid foundation. The home’s foundation is one of its most essential components and accounts for a significant chunk of any building expenditure.