How Much To Build A Pantry?

How Much To Build A Pantry
Wiring (if none existing in the room), permits (needed for load-bearing walls in many places and ranging from $400 to $2,000), and accessories like as a wine or spice rack can add several hundred dollars to the total cost (or thousands if you want some really high-end features).

Project Factors Cost
Walls $300 – $5,000
Shelves $400 – $750
Other Expenses $300 – $5,000+

Studio CJ / iStock / Getty Images photo A new pantry will cost between $20 and $40 per square foot, on average. If you do not need to install new wiring or demolish any walls, the cost will be on the lower end of this spectrum. This frees up additional funds for further features.

How valuable is your pantry?

Actual Spending Total: $2,855 Estimated Value of the Pantry: $4,372 – The total approximate value of my pantry is $4372, but I only paid $2855 for it by utilizing discounts, credit card points, and gift cards earned from completing surveys. A portion of the goods are also bridal shower and wedding presents.

My husband and I are financially aware and strictly adhere to a monthly budget. We prefer to know where every dollar goes so that we may reduce wasteful spending. We charge as much as possible on our credit cards and pay them off in full as soon as they are due to avoid paying interest. Our credit cards are usually reward-rich, allowing us to maximize our points earned and, therefore, gift card redemptions.

I would gladly answer any questions or explain anything I may have overlooked! Leave a comment below. Here are the costs split down:

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Could you construct your own pantry?

Hello DIY buddies! Today, we will demonstrate how to construct a kitchen pantry and shelves using a DIY guide and step-by-step directions. Every kitchen need a pantry, and you can create your own to organize all of your pantry supplies! This article may have affiliate links.

How much did it cost you to construct these shelves?

Construction & Installation of a Pantry – Value: $2,000 Actual Spend: $2,000 When we were given an estimate for the internals of our new home, I requested the builder exclude any joinery charges because I knew it would be cheaper to construct it ourselves afterwards.

The cost of fabrication and installation of the bespoke shelf was around $2,000 total. The design consists of two parts: the long, 30-centimeter-deep wall, where I store all my appliances, and the 14-centimeter-deep ‘OXO’ wall, where I store all my containers. I gave the joiner with all the drawings and measurements, which he double-checked, but he only had to make it, which is why the price was not exorbitant.

I do not intend to reiterate the obvious, but it is prudent to shop about and obtain many prices. Request that the joiner use inexpensive materials such as melamine, and perform as much of the prep work as possible yourself to cut expenses.

How large are a kitchen pantry’s shelves?

How to Construct Pantry Shelves – Here, we explain how to construct pantry shelves. If you skipped to this section, please note that we are currently utilizing two existing walls and have framed in the front pantry wall. Our design includes 12-inch-wide side shelves and 16-inch-wide rear shelves.

  1. The frame support for our pantry shelves consists of 12’s placed around the outer border where the shelves rest.
  2. We then began building kitchen pantry shelves.
  3. Using the most commonly purchased commodities (cereal, condiments, and canned goods), I found the optimal shelf heights.
  4. Thereafter, the installation of the shelves went fairly swiftly.
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First, we installed laminated 12-inch pine shelves from front to back of the kitchen pantry. Second, we trimmed 16-inch wood shelving to fit the space between the two outside shelves. Third, and most importantly, we utilized 22’s as the front support on both sides for additional strength and 12’s to brace between each shelf so that it can handle a substantial amount of weight.