How To Clean A New House After Construction?

How To Clean A New House After Construction
How is a newly constructed home cleaned? – Gather your cleaning products in a basket or bag that is convenient to transport. A vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, a dust mask, a bucket, paper towels, a brush, a sponge, soap, a feather duster, rubbing alcohol, rags, a dustpan, and a cleaning solution are included.

After donning a dust mask and rubber gloves, begin cleaning by: Utilize a moist sponge to clean every ceiling. Get rid of window labels. Vacuum each and every window track. Wash the inside and outside of each window. Vacuum every cabinet and drawer. Put your cleaning solution in a bucket, get some soft cloths, and clean every surface.

Clean the bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly. The interior of the cooling and heating ducts should be vacuumed. If the carpets are filthy, vacuum them or use carpet shampoo to clean them. Dust and wipe off the light fixtures. Spruce up the thresholds. Completely mop the flooring.

How do I clean the floors of my new home?

Cleaning Laminate floors – Laminate floors are a multi-layer flooring product that has been laminated. It does not require polishing or sealing to maintain its beauty. When cleaning laminate flooring, you must first vacuum or sweep to eliminate dust, debris, and sand particles that might eventually harm the surface.

After that, you may clean the laminate floor surface with a microfiber mop. The most important thing to remember is to prevent any contact with wetness. The laminate flooring is very resistant to moisture, however the connections between the boards are susceptible to moisture. Once water penetrates the boards, they will quickly expand and distort.

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Once laminate flooring has been damaged, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. A few considerations for cleaning laminate floors: Before mopping, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dust. Wetting the floor will result in warping, swelling, delamination, and cracking along the joint line.

You just remodeled (or perhaps your neighbor did) – “Construction dust is tough to remove since it floats in the air and settles slowly over time,” adds Dulude.

How is construction dust removed from floors?

Careful with the Floors – The type of floor surface will determine how the floors should be cleaned. A carpeted floor will often hold significantly more dust and may be cleaned with a vacuum and dust brush attachment. If desired, you can even use a steam cleaner to remove the embedded dust with greater energy.

  • A further advantage of steam cleaning is that less dust will be thrown up into the air.
  • Vacuuming or sweeping is a crucial initial step when cleaning a floor with a hard surface.
  • Do not immediately begin dust removal with a moist mop.
  • You risk scratching the surface with the fine dust particles you are transferring.

A prepared dust mop is an additional alternative for securely removing the small particles. Along the baseboards, old dryer sheets are quite useful in collecting dust from the nooks and crevices. After the dust has been collected as thoroughly as possible, a damp – not wet – mop can be used to clean the floor with a surface-specific cleaner.