How To Hire An Interior Designer?

How To Hire An Interior Designer
5. Understand the interior designer’s billing structure – Interior designers commonly charge an hourly fee plus a markup for purchasing furniture and supplies. Some allow access to retail purchasing discounts. Some designers just charge by the hour and do not provide purchase services.

  1. Some interior designers base their rates on a percentage of the total cost of the project, while others charge a set rate per project type.
  2. Be aware that if the interior designer makes purchases on your behalf, you will typically be required to pay the whole amount up ahead.
  3. Many designers also ask a retainer charge.

Typically, this represents roughly 10% of the entire expected cost of the project. Ensure that the designer you select offers the services you wish to get. For instance, if you are contemplating a do-it-yourself room makeover, some designers provide consulting services for an hourly charge in order to offer a few suggestions or planning aid.

When should an interior designer be contacted?

How to Hire an Interior Designer

If you have a completed building and need to decorate the inside, you should employ an interior designer. However, if you have a vacant lot and need to build or restore a structure from start, you should contact an architect.