What Is A Mood Board In Interior Design?

What Is A Mood Board In Interior Design
Mood boards are essentially a visual collection of the design elements you’re considering for a room. They can range from collage-like images to an actual room mockup, depending on your design capabilities and visual preferences. You may even use both of these styles at different points in your planning process.

What is a moodboard used for in interior design?

A mood board is a visual depiction of a design project’s inspiration. A mood board is, at its core, a collage of pictures. This collage is the designer’s go-to tool during the early planning phase of a project.

Too many photographs might dilute the core of the emotion and ambiance you’re attempting to convey. You may also wish to create many mood boards for the customer to choose from. Each board should communicate a unique marketing concept. However, it should accord with your concept of how the final images should seem based on the supplied information.

What are alternative names for mood boards?

A collection of emotionally evocative photos. lookbook, Pinterest board, and collage.