What Is The Official Color Of The White House?

What Is The Official Color Of The White House
The white paint has nothing to do with concealing the 1814 British arson of the mansion. In 1798, when its walls were completed, the structure was painted white with a lime-based whitewash to preserve the porous stone from freezing. Three months before the United States went to war with Great Britain, Congressman Abijah Bigelow wrote to a colleague on March 18, 1812, “There is great commotion in the White House, as we call the President’s residence” (quoted in W.B.

Bryan, “The Name White House,” Records of the Columbia Historical Society 34-35 : 308). Intentionally designed to deteriorate over time, leaving gaps and crevices filled, the whitewash was never allowed to weather, but was periodically reapplied until 1818, when the edifice was finally coated with white lead paint.

By that time, it had been known as “The White House” for more than a decade. Although the name was often used, it remained a nickname until Theodore Roosevelt made it official in October 1901.

What color is the White House in reality?

Actually, the outside of the White House is white! The exterior paint hue of the White House is technically referred to as “whisper white.”

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What color is the White House?

It Wasn’t Always White – The White House is composed of sandstone from a Virginia quarry located in Aquia. The north and south porticos are fashioned from Maryland’s red Seneca sandstone. The sandstone walls were not painted white until after the British fires, when the White House was rebuilt.570 gallons of white paint are required to cover the whole White House.