Somero S-15R Laser Screed

Concrete Laser Leveling Accuracy

We use the Somero S-15R Laser Screed™  and Power Rake to Somero-S-15R-Laser-Screedachieve a flatness and leveling accuracy that are impossible with traditional hand striking. The self-propelled S-15R is guided by its own Leading Edge Laser Control System, which lets it set the finished grade automatically. Because it can level to the finished grade, screed the concrete flat, and vibrate the concrete smooth all in one pass, the S-15R also lets us be extremely time-efficient in finishing concrete surfaces. The wheels are designed to move separately from the screed head which “floats” on the surface of the concrete, allowing for true leveling even with variations in subgrade. It is capable of covering 8-10 feet of space in a single pass. The S-15R also helps us achieve superior performance with challenging situations such as chaired rebar, low-slump concrete, or difficult subgrades.

The Power Rake is an automated, 4 wheel drive, ride on, laser guided grading machine. It pulls piles of concrete to rough grade within 1/4″ accuracy and primes the concrete for the S-15R. The use of the Power Rake has served to increase our productivity and quality with less labor.


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